Evolving Digital Content Production

A co-operative digital content creation platform

We combine digital production studio infrastructure with a managed talent pool
Connecting companies, brands and celebrity talent with production artists directly
To produce digital content at feature film quality

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The VectorField Platform

Evolving Digital Production & Work For Hire

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VectorField For Artists

launching our first recruitment drive For our Artist Pool

To start production work on VectorField we need to establish an initial pool of available production artists to pair with our first batch upcoming productions.

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If you are a working professional in VFX, Animation or Game Development.
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About VectorField

Evolving Work For Hire & Digital Content Production

Democratizing Hollywood Production

VectorField empowers everyone with access Hollywood's most complex VFX technology  pipelines.

A Unified Production Platform

We seamlessly combine a digital content production studio, labor market, and digital asset marketplace
to enable production as a service.

Tailored Infrastructure

Pay as you go, transparently, on a monthly basis with the control to scale your infrastructure with your project needs.

Global Talent Network

Enjoy a global talent pool of vetted digital production artists, producers, data & ML scientists with no additional markup.

Unlocking Value in work as data

We are developing entire new economies on the reuse of data and digital assets leveraging work as data.

VectorField is built for

Connecting The Dots For Collaboration In The Age Of AI

We connect digital production artists, AI/ML & Data scientists, companies, brands and IP owners with creative talent directly.
VectorField enables for an unseen level of collaboration between creative talent and working professionals.

VectorField Is For,

Production Artists

Production professionals working in VFX, Animation and game development

ML & Data Scientists

Scientists, engineers and software developers working with AI/ML and data analytics

IP Owners

Film Studios/Brands/Companies Or Anyone Who Owns IP


Actors/Musicians/Fine Artists & Celebrity Talent

Disruptive features included

Features Live Today

Cloud Native Studio Infrastructure

VectorField is a fully remote, cloud-native technology product, our infrastructure solutions are fully scalable per our clients needs empowering them with their own dedicated studio infrastructure.

Feature-Film Quality

Our cloud-native studios leverage cutting edge Hollywood feature film quality VFX pipelines and technology stacks to enable for highest quality digital content production.

Fully Managed
Global Talent Pool

VectorField's Global Talent Pool pairs productions with artists directly.
Enabling for an affordable, global dedicated and elastic work force of industry vetted professionals of  production artists, AI/ML & Data Scientists.

Features Coming Soon

Re-usable Digital Assets

We are eliminating digital asset waste in Hollywood

Alternative Business Model

A Glass House In An Industry Of Black Box Vendors

Novel AI Data-Use Economy

Promoting A Virtuous Cycle Of Monetizing On Human Work As Data Contributions
(A New Data Economy For Everyone)

What's Evolveing work for Hire about?

VectorField was born from a desire to evolve "Work For Hire" for production artists

Join us as we evolve a new way for creative talent to collaborate and create in the 21st century

V 2.0

Work for Hire

VectorField exists to organize and connect creative talent to produce content in an entirely new way.

In essence evolving "Work For Hire" and presenting a 21st century alternative to the antiquated vendor model.


New Verticals to monetize on Production work

We are in development on a host of features for the VectorField platform that would empower digital production artists with entirely new alternative business model to M&E's current extractive vendor production model.

Creating entirely new digital asset and data reuse economies secondary to production work that put humans at the core of the AI value chain.


Compromises for artists

Our vision for the future of digital production work is grounded in artists working on their own terms, remotely, with transparent contracts, compensating artists for their time, output and data contributions for productions and beyond.


Century Business model

We whole hardheartedly believe there is a better way for us to organize to do production work in the 21st century.

We invite artists and creative talent across industries to help us pioneer a new path for us to collectively evolve work for hire.

Join The Evolution

Be a part of the change you want to see!

Join us in revolutionizing work for hire and digital content production. Together, we're crafting a more equitable future, where your time, output, and data contributions are valued, and all thrive sustainably with shared equity doing what we love.
Are you a Production Artist?

*Sign-up is free and confidential and requires less than 5 minutes to complete.

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